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Jamie and Mike Taylor are the founders of the I Am Mom Summit, an online conference for Moms. 

They believe the influence Moms have on the world will shape the next generation of leaders, Mothers and Fathers. 

For questions about the awards contact Info@iammomsummit.com

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Honorary Chairpersons
Linda and Richard Eyre - Through their 50 published books, TV talk-show hosting and guest appearances, websites, and speaking across the country and in more than 50 other nations. 

The Eyres have been at the forefront of a movement to strengthen families amidst cultures and societal norms that are moving in opposite directions. While their prime focus has been writing and speaking, the Eyres are no strangers to social media. They have more than 2 million
Facebook Followers (@MyFamilyIs). 

Richard says, “We’re waning while others are
waxing, and we want to be a catalyst to younger Social Influencers who care about families.”

Linda adds “We’re happy to lend our name to awards that recognize and reward media
that strengthens families.”
Contact: Info@iammomsummit.com
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There were no awards for parenting
What? Really? There were no awards for parenting? Well, not that we know of. Parenting may be the most important thing we can do to affect society, but there is very little public recognition.

Recognition for one is recognition for all
We hope that recognizing your favorite family-centered media, that you too will feel the validation of your heroic efforts.