Past Finalists
Georgia Anderson
Garret and Jessica Gee
LaTonya Yvette
Shawn Johnson East
Michael & Carissa Alvarado
Jordan Page
Gabe + Anna Liesemeyer
Ralphie Jacobs
Brooke White
Shaun & Nicole Johnson
Elsie Larson 
Steve Tate
Joanna Stevens Gaines
Casey & Meygan Caston
Oakley Peterson
Penn & Kim Holderness
Kristina Kuzmic
Jordan Watson
Jimmy and Karen Evans
Susie Allison
Skyler and Jamie Scott
Denaye Barahona
Kristen Duke
You may vote for as many of the finalists as you would like but your vote for each person will only be recorded once. 
Heidi Swapp and David Kozlowski
Jessica Dahlquist
Dr. Meg Meeker
Rachel and Dave Hollis 
Dr Justin Coulson
Debbie Reber
Brad & Hailey Devine
Burgos Family
Ruby & Kevin Franke
Mwania Family
Mike and Megan Knorpp
Jeremy and Kendra
The Crosby Family
Chris and Jessica Ballinger
Tracy Gillett
Jennifer Borget
Stephanie Nielson
The Gottman Institute
Jacqui Saldaña
Rachel Norman
Becky Mansfield
Scarlet Paolicchi
Mark Merill
Dr. Laura Markham
Liz and Lizi
Lance Somerfeld and Matt Schneider
Heidi Murkoff
Executive Editor, Julia Dennison
Isabel Kallman
Ayelet Marinovich
There were no awards for parenting
What? Really? There were no awards for parenting? Well, not that we know of. Parenting may be the most important thing we can do to affect society, but there is very little public recognition.

Recognition for one is recognition for all
We hope that recognizing your favorite family-centered media, that you too will feel the validation of your heroic efforts.

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